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In 2020, 83% of enterprises are predicted to be in the cloud. Cloud consulting services are gaining more and more popularity with the rising demand for efficiency. The new tech era has made it very clear — get rid of resource-consuming server rooms and manual work to be able to compete in a never-ending race for superiority on the market. Cloud business solutions give enterprises everything they need to scale quickly and safely. Scroll down to see how exactly this is done.

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The business benefits of Cloud Consulting Services
Cost reduction
Most of the enterprises implement cloud business solutions to save resources on infrastructure maintenance. As cloud solutions offer no idle-fee business model, it attracts business owners that don’t want to pay extra when they are not using their servers.
Not only is it a cost reduction that companies are looking for, cloud platforms offer elasticity that no stationary server room would provide. Cloud solutions involves scaling server capacity up or down automatically as soon as your application needs it.
Cloud computing security refers to a set of technologies, policies, and practices that protect virtualized applications, data, and services. We apply our best practices that have already proven their efficiency with our clients.
We keep deepening the expertise to meet your highest expectations and build even more innovative software
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OpsWorks Co. Cloud Consultancy includes in-depth expertise in AWS, Azure, and GCP clouds. We help our clients build a cloud infrastructure from scratch, using the best DevOps technologies and practices. As a result, you will get an efficient and productive computing environment for your applications.

Services that handle big data every day consume enormous amounts of server capacity. However, they don't need the same amounts at night, right? So why waste your money? This is the #1 reason to migrate to the cloud.

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Big Data Enterprises
It’s a well-known fact that many companies and enterprises have moved their data to the cloud, and those who haven’t are considering cloud consulting services. Let’s see what kinds of companies need to move to the cloud or will discover this need later.

Online Services
Today, most services are provided online. Therefore, for such companies availability is everything: clients use the service, pay for it, and the company doesn’t go broke. Any hour of downtime can mean immense revenue loss.

E-commerce Projects
The biggest concern of companies that work with personal data is security, for this reason such acts as GDPR and HIPPA regulate data storage in the cloud. However, companies can simply store their customers’ personal data on their own servers, move the excessive infrastructure to the cloud, and save millions of dollars yearly.
Every cloud solution should be customized depending on the business needs and the infrastructure specifications.

The importance of cloud solutions and services is increasing rapidly. This means:

  1. No more waiting
  2. No more server rooms
  3. No more firewall or calls to support teams
  4. No more constant investment in updates and rebuilds

Instead, you cover your business needs by simply plugging your blue cable into the wall: support and expertise paid for as a service.

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The most asked questions
What is cloud strategy consulting?

It is the seeking of advice from experts on what cloud strategy to undertake. It relieves the company of the burden to perform in-depth research on their own. Consulting agencies help the company in need of their services make smart choices by presenting them with up-to-date best practices, eliminating the possibility of the company making risky oversights that might cost them.

What cloud providers do you work with?

There is are a variety of options from which you can choose, with each offering unique capabilities to enhance the operations of your business. Among the best is Amazon Web Services, which provides computing power, database storage, and content delivery, among other many options. Also, there are Azure and GCP, which also provide almost the same services as AWS. Choose the best cloud provider for your company with help from OpsWorks Co. consultancy.

Who can help me with migration to the cloud?

There are numerous cloud migration service providers to assist your company with its migration to the cloud. OpsWorks Co. is a trusted AWS partner for migration, with many specialists that have in-depth technical knowledge of all the nitty-gritty details of migration. Not only can OpsWorks Co. help you migrate, it can also set you on the path to exponential growth by maximizing your use of cloud capabilities.

How do I choose a good cloud consulting agency?

The best consulting agency to look for is one that will understand your business operations intimately. They must also be reputable and have the expertise to help you move from where you are to the level at which the company will achieve its strategic objectives. The agency must be able to offer the required assistance at any stage. The expertise at OpsWorks Co. will ensure you have the same smooth transition experienced by all of their clients.

What cloud is better to use?

Generally, cloud providers offer the same services, which are achievable using different tools. Therefore, the software type will determine which provider will be most suitable for the company. For example, those who use Windows and Office 365 are better off migrating to Azure. However, for a thorough analysis to find the cloud service most suited to your company and to ensure a seamless migration, consult the experts at OpsWorks.

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The Kubernetes-based application allowed us to implement an autoscaling solution that prevented the infrastructure from failing at high traffic due to the load balancing.

Also, it ensured fault tolerance for better availability and, therefore, a positive user experience.