DevOps as a Service

The technological revolution took care of us all and offered the opportunity to automate each step towards success. DevOps as a service is a full-cycle outsourced solution for your infrastructure optimization and automation.

DevOps integration goes hand-in-hand with the development process. Moreover, it automates everything starting from the ready-to-go code to the product launch. Even the environment configuration and management is now automated.

Today, with DevOps support services, software companies get the chance to concentrate on improving their product rather than maintaining it.

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DevOps Integration Services
100+ companies worldwide trust us as their DevOps solutions provider
Scalable AWS EKS based infrastructure
Reference AWS infrastructure with the EKS (Kubernetes Managed Service) as a core component makes it possible to roll out production-grade infrastructure in a month, not years.
Development Process Audit
SDLC audit is essential for business expenses optimization. It helps automate manual work, therefore, save time and resources.
Zero-downtime Deployment
Zero-downtime deployment helps avoid IT disruptions while the service is being updated to improve your clients' users experience.
CI/CD Implementation
Continuous integration helps compile pieces of code and test them automatically. The only thing to do will be creating code.
Microservices Migration Support
Build a more resilient, fault-tolerant, and scalable infrastructure with our microservices migration support plan.
Release Management Optimization
We help manage updates and releases rollouts, fix bugs and issues that appear during the release, and ensure service stability.
We keep deepening the expertise to meet your highest expectations and build even more innovative software
Development and Delivery Optimization
DevOps Integration by OpsWorks Co.

100% flawless

Eliminate human error from your delivery processes.

Friday releases

Deploy new features fearlessly with automatic roll back.

99,9% uptime

Say goodbye to your 404 page, be always online.

The business benefits of IT Infrastructure Optimization
100+ companies worldwide trust us as their DevOps Integration Provider
Quick Release
Today, customers don't want to wait, they want instant gratification — everything perfect RIGHT NOW. If they don't get it from you, they will get it from someone else. DevOps enables you to fulfill the needs of your customers with a quality product now.
Automated Processes
Hundreds of years ago, why couldn't society develop as fast as it does now? They had to do the washing, cleaning, counting, constructing, etc. by themselves. There simply weren't enough hours in the day because manual labor took too much time. So why set your development process back hundreds of years? There are still 24 hours in a day. Automate processes!
Quality Code
DevOps doesn't mean creating code for developers, but testing it in the prod-like environment. The system runs automated testing continuously which allows developers to keep an eye on their code all the time and therefore improve it constantly.
Technologies we use
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DevOps Integration: Our Expertise
DevOps Audit
To accelerate your digital transformation sensibly and develop the DevOps solution that will work for your specific system, we run an IT infrastructure audit to review deployment practices and delivery bottlenecks.
DevOps Solutions Design
Whether it is security, compliance, fault-tolerance, scalability, or everything at once, we build a concise plan. The scope involves DevOps solutions and services that will bring efficiency to the application management.
DevOps Implementation
Once approved by a client, we implement all previously developed DevOps solutions applying our best practices. As a DevOps managed service provider, OpsWorks Co. keeps track of the successful implementation.
DevOps Support
The OpsWorks Co. support team is looking out for your system 24/7. Unlike other DevOps outsourcing solutions, we provide clients with our DevOps support team to enhance security and disaster recovery.
Do you recognize the following issues?
Businesses usually experience certain difficulties right before the teams realize they need to start enhancing the DevOps side of the product. Look up the checklist of the issues you might have with your infrastructure:
intermittent delivery process
undeveloped disaster recovery
insightful release cycles
non-software configurations driven infrastructure provisioning
a time consuming time-to-market process
security issues
costly infrastructure maintenance
non-proactive troubleshooting
infinite routine tasks

If you recognize your issues among listed, the conclusion is simple — every professional in your team must play on his field. Developers — create a product, DevOps engineers — make sure the product is functioning.

There is no need to hire new employees to make your infrastructure safer and more manageable. We offer you to outsource DevOps optimization for several reasons:

Every engineer in OpsWorks Co. has extensive expertise. Thus we can guarantee results just as planned.
We have accomplished 100+ projects and know what tools and technologies are better in use.
Hiring a complete DevOps solution is less money-consuming than enhancing your team with an in-house engineer.
DevOps implementation roadmap
Your infrastructure efficiency directly depends on your DevOps implementation plan. A practical DevOps implementation roadmap involves six phases.
Introduce DevOps initiative
DevOps integration is not limited to only hiring a professional to optimize the processes in the infrastructure. It requires a change in the processes of the company. Particularly, the responsibilities shift in the cooperation between the development and operations departments. Enterprise DevOps, DevOps solutions for startups — doesn't matter, OpsWorks Co. has an extended team of professional engineers to meet your business needs. To maximize the effectiveness of the DevOps integration in your specific business type, our implementation managers draw up a detailed plan.
Application Performance Monitoring
An effective Application Performance Monitoring allows teams to observe all occurring issues in the infrastructure and maintain control over them. To prevent major issues from appearing, we develop a complete monitoring and logging solution that corresponds to business needs. As a DevOps solutions provider, we develop DevOps integration plan for any business and monitor its implementation success.
Develop a DevOps strategy
Drawing up a relevant and effective DevOps integration strategy requires the best practices and tools included in the development plan. Our Solutions Architects develop a DevOps strategy considering your goals and objectives to build or enhance team collaboration.
Use containerization
Implementation of containerization ensures that all components of your infrastructure are independent and thereby safe and more stable. You will be able to add new functionality without worrying about the dependencies within the existing infrastructure.
Integrate CI/CD tools
Containerized applications require proper management. Infrastructure automation with such tools as Terraform, Ansible, and Chef in combination with a CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, CircleCI, and Bamboo will minimize the configuration management issues and optimize the deployment process.
Test Automation and QA-Dev Alignment
Speed up the delivery cycles by making the development process insightful. As one of the best DevOps tools, Jenkins allows development teams to get feedback on their code before it makes into the delivery.
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The most asked questions
What is DevOps integration?

DevOps integration means applying DevOps tools and practices to your software development. The practices you need to apply are determined by many factors relating to your business and infrastructure.

What are the best practices for DevOps implementation?

Best practices for DevOps implementation include Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, which help businesses shorten feedback cycles by automating testing and deploying. Additionally, there are microservices that enable the software to be grouped into manageable sections, which are easy to maintain, test for errors and deploy targeted software updates. Visit our Blog to learn more about DevOps practices.

What Problems Does DevOps Solve?

DevOps eliminates communication gaps that exist between the teams responsible for the creation of software. As a result, software development takes less time to complete by eliminating the need for correction by other groups. Moreover, DevOps eliminates general issues, such as slow production, delayed software development, human errors, and miscommunication within the delivery pipeline.

How much money can I save by integrating DevOps?

It depends on your business goals. Sometimes, a company saves money on hosting immediately when moving to an adequate cloud. On the other hand, DevOps engineers can also be hired to improve the code quality and, as a result, earn more. For example, we have helped one of our clients save a third of the money they were paying for infrastructure maintenance monthly. Contact our experts to develop your cost-efficient plan.

How long would it take to adopt DevOps in my project?

The time needed to adopt DevOps differs for every company. It depends on the practices they integrate. On average, building CI/CD takes from a week to 3 months. The complexity and size of the infrastructure influence the time required. Hire a DevOps team at OpsWorks Co. that is ready to start on any project as soon as possible.