IT Infrastructure Optimization

The aim of DevOps Consulting services at OpsWorks Co. is shorter time-to-market, boosted security, scalability, and manageability. Downtime, delayed delivery, maintenance costs — they are all knocking at your door. The key to protecting applications from failures is DevOps. To be more precise: disaster recovery automation, Infrastructure as Code, and sensible resource management. DevOps Consulting has already proven its use to the giants of today’s business world.

OpsWorks Co. provides IT infrastructure optimization services using the most modern approaches and tools that have proven their reliability on more than a hundred of projects worldwide.

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IT infrastructure Optimization Services
100+ companies worldwide trust us as their DevOps solutions provider
Infrastructure Technical Audit
A technical audit helps you detect and eliminate your system's vulnerabilities and errors to prevent failure in the future.
Cloud Migration (on-site and off-site)
We fully support a process of secure migration of applications, data, and other components to the cloud-based infrastructures.
Cloud Consulting and Management
We use the best DevOps technologies and practices to provide efficient and productive computing environments for your applications.
Serverless Infrastructure Adoption
By leveraging the best serverless tools and technologieses we help you focus on your application, not the infrastructure.
Infrastructure as Code Implementation
Our best engineers develop scripts that help reduce operational costs and keep your infrastructure consistent and versioned.
We keep deepening the expertise to meet your highest expectations and build even more innovative software
IT Infrastructure Optimization
DevOps Consulting by OpsWorks Co.

40% cost cut

Reduce your cloud expenses by 40% with no drawbacks.

Infinite scaling

Make your application auto-elastic depending on the load.

20x faster

Deploy your IT infrastructure or environments in just one hour.

The business benefits of IT Infrastructure Optimization
Waterfall or agile, monolith or microservices? The debate is still on, however, nobody has ever disputed the fact that flexibility is a must for enterprises today. A growing interest in DevOps Development Consulting shows that over 60% of companies are considering migration to the cloud.
Creating identical copies of existing instances is one of the most popular tasks of modern SaaS solutions. Those tasks vary from building demo versions for clients to recovery and support. The latest DevOps practices and IaC allow businesses to meet those needs quickly and simply.
Today, the majority of products are web services. Thus, the most important business indicator is continuous access. DevOps guarantees high-level accessibility including no-downtime during system failures and power outages. DevOps automation consulting allows companies to predict and prevent these setbacks.
Technologies we use
Optimize your infrastructure!
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DevOps automation consulting: Our expertise
IT Infrastructure Audit
Our team of experts analyze the clients' infrastructure to develop a custom DevOps solution and strategy for its implementation. The technical audit helps us predict and eradicate possible drawbacks of the system.
Cloud Infrastructure Optimization
Predictions for 2020 claim that 80% of enterprises will be based on cloud. This is primarily because cloud infrastructure migration guarantees lower costs on maintenance, security enhancement, and reliability.
Infrastructure Automation
Our practices in DevOps automation consulting include infrastructure scripting and serverless concept adoption. As an IT infrastructure optimization company we plan, script, set everything up, so you can work efficiently.
OpsWorks Co. will lead your way to a fully automated ITinfrastructure
Every IT infrastructure should correspond to the specifics of the business that is running it — this is our mantra and we will gladly prove this right.
Infrastructure technical audit

The first step to clockwork infrastructure automation is evaluating the possible inconsistencies and drawbacks. First of all, we review the existing infrastructure setup by evaluating critical parameters and components of security, scalability, and resource utilization. Most importantly, our team analyzes infrastructure cost utilization, defines issues, bottlenecks of the current setup and configuration.

The result of the Infrastructure technical audit is a document that represents our recommendations and possible improvements that should be implemented to optimize the IT infrastructure functioning.

As a result, clients have a full understanding of the current IT infrastructure, infrastructure maintenance expenses review, and recommendations and improvements list.

Our solutions architect develops the implementation roadmap after the client accepts the recommendations.

Cloud consulting and management

Before migrating to the cloud or optimizing the current on-cloud infrastructure, we carefully consider the client’s business goals. Depending on the objectives, we develop a cloud infrastructure optimization plan. It usually consists of the following steps:

  1. Defining current state and problems with cloud setup
  2. Describing high-level tasks and goals
  3. Allocating a certified cloud team to work on the project
  4. Building a roadmap and scope of work
  5. Launching the implementation and ongoing support

As a result, companies get a full vision of how and why the cloud is implemented and a proper cloud setup and configuration using the best tools and technologies.

Most importantly, by optimizing cloud infrastructure, enterprises improve the cost-efficiency of their infrastructure. OpsWorks Co. provides 24/7 DevOps support that ensures maximum uptime and availability.

Physical-to-Cloud/Cloud-to-Physical migration

After we have profoundly analyzed the current setup and purposes of migration, the allocated team selects new hardware provider depending on the tools the client’s needs and their availability on the corresponding cloud platform.

The migration process itself involves several steps:

  1. Creating new infrastructure architecture design
  2. Preparation of a step-by-step migration plan considering risks and possible downtime
  3. Migrating the infrastructure to a new setup by stages (development, stage, and production)
  4. New setup testing and evaluation

Even though more and more enterprises are adopting cloud solutions, it is only the question of the business needs. This is why, before offering any solution, we carefully consider the needs of the business we are cooperating with.

As a result, companies get a properly designed and optimized infrastructure, secure and compliant setup, scripted and documented solution that works efficiently for a certain business model.

Serverless infrastructure adoption

To build resilient serverless infrastructure, we evaluate its components to see if they can be migrated to the serverless shell. The components that need design are created directly on top of the serverless infrastructure. After all components are ready, we set up the needed configuration along with such solutions as monitoring, logging, processes automation, etc.

To ensure that the infrastructure we built is being taken good care of, we document and test it before running a training for the client teams on how to manage it.

As a result, clients get a modern, scalable, and cost-efficient infrastructure that corresponds to your specific enterprise’s business needs.

Infrastructure as Code implementation

It’s not a secret that this year’s DevOps trend is automation, and nothing is surprising. Automating processes in your IT infrastructure allows teams to eliminate time-consuming manual work and concentrate on what matters — the product.

The team of DevOps engineers at OpsWorks Co. starts with analyzing infrastructure setup and resource provisioning to define what can be automated. We define components and assets of the infrastructure that can be provisioned as IaC and present our solution to the client. When approved by the client, we design high-level architecture, develop code for automated infrastructure provisioning, and deploying infrastructure IaC-based changes.

What client gets when everything is ready is:

  1. Fully-automated infrastructure provisioning
  2. Cloud-agnostic setup
  3. Fast environment deployments and infrastructure changes
  4. Easy-manageable and consistent infrastructure
  5. Enhanced security and reduced human risk
  6. Cost cutoff for computing resources and management
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IT Infrastructure Optimization

The aim of DevOps Consulting services at OpsWorks Co. is shorter time-to-market, boosted security, scalability, and manageability…

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For most businesses providing a service means being online.

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The most asked questions
How does infrastructure optimization help in business growth?

How does infrastructure optimization help in business growth?
Infrastructure optimization creates vast opportunities for a company: better service delivery,
improvement of operating processes, as well as great savings. With optimization, data centers
become more efficient, and the need to acquire more infrastructure for increasing demands is
eliminated, thus reducing costs. Engineers at OpsWorks Co. are here to optimize your infrastructure,
ensuring increased profits and reduced costs.

What is the most important part of an IT infrastructure?

The most important part is the IT engineers. They will determine whether you overspent or save and
whether you progress or fail. With a competent team, you’ll be advised on the specifications of the
machines to be bought, and the software tools needed to aid them in improving their delivery. In the
wrong hands, even the best equipment and software tools won’t amount to much.

What are the benefits of an optimized IT infrastructure?

With an optimized infrastructure, companies become more profitable because of the reduced need
for more equipment to perform operations, and reduced manpower to monitor these machines.
Customer satisfaction increases with an improved delivery system, which is also a direct result of
optimization. Get excellent services from OpsWorks Co. and experience the benefits of optimization
in your company.

On-premise vs. on-cloud infrastructure: which is better?

For some setups, on-premise would be a better option while for others, on-cloud would be
preferable. Firstly, the company should estimate the resources they would need to acquire to set up
the infrastructure on-premise. Then, there is the question of the engineers’ capacity to manage and
maintain the equipment. Finally, the magnitude and type of your services should be considered.
Before choosing, it’s best to consult DevOps experts on which option is most suitable for your
specific type of business.

How exactly can an IT infrastructure be optimized?

Optimization entails that the operation of the machines is at an optimum, the skills of the engineers
are not questionable, and that they are meeting objectives in time. Therefore, an assessment of
these factors is required to determine if they are productive or are just consuming the company’s
resources without any tangible output. After the assessment, the lacking components are then
optimized to meet the current demand or discarded.