04 December 2023

OpsWorks is thrilled to announce a strategic team growth: Olena Bochulia joins the company’s management as Chief Operating Officer.

10 May 2023

OpsWorks is proud to announce that it has been recognized as one of the top DevOps Consulting Companies in 2023 by Techreviewer.co, a leading online platform for IT industry reviews and ratings.

Amazon’s early attempts to use alternative processors in cloud computing weren’t that good. AWS Arm instances did not stand out with high performance. However, now the company is set to change the industry with its new-generation processors Graviton2 built with ARM Neoverse N1 architecture. Let’s check our best practices for maintenance cost savings.

The last thing you want to see when debugging your code is chaos. But what if this chaos is controlled and launched by the developers themselves? Why deliberately create turbulence in the well-coordinated operation of your application? How can you achieve peace of mind when releasing important features? When exactly does the practice of chaos […]

15 December 2021

DevOps has been a highly anticipated goal for many organizations over the years. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, businesses of all kinds are rushing to enhance the velocity and quality of software development. CI/CD tools may be precisely the means for that. Companies recognized the need to improve their development workflow many years ago. […]

15 December 2021

Configuration management is an important part of DevOps methodology, and tools like Ansible and Terraform form the backbone of modern software development systems. Both tools are great examples of a next-generation system for building, managing and configuring a cloud infrastructure.

15 December 2021

Cloud technology is becoming one of the fastest-growing areas in I.T. Based on the Cloud Services Global Market Report: Covid 19 Impact and Recovery to 2030, the industry is anticipated to attain a valuation of nearly $USD800 billion in 2025. This calculation uses a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of fourteen percent. The technology is […]

15 December 2021

“Data is the new oil”. This quote by Clive Humby from 2006 has become a well-known phrase in IT as it emphasizes the central role that data plays in the modern era. The significance of big data can no longer be overlooked. This is evidenced by the handling of the vast troves of data that […]

14 December 2021

After years of DevOps overhauls, big companies such as BMW, Optum, and Starbucks have embarked on a digital transformation journey. Now, DevOps is conquering the world of e-gaming. Read on to find out how businesses benefit from implementing DevOps practices.

Ocado has sped up the time-to-market, Bloomberg hit 95 percent hardware utilization rate, and Amadeus moved all production workloads to run on a single operating model. All this was made possible with Kubernetes. Why do large companies need Kubernetes and how does it take IT technologies to the next level? Let’s figure it out!