Boosting AI-Based Marketing Brief Creation Module

Industry: Marketing
Service: Software Development, DevOps-as-a-Service
Duration: 1 year

About Project
The client is a fast-growing marketing firm specializing in crafting business content for 1K+ global brands worldwide. The company's primary goal is to promote the values and strengths of organizations from 10 domains, helping them broaden audiences and get ahead of the competition. The client focuses on digital transformation and process automation to improve employee satisfaction and overall efficiency.


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Client's Goals
Develop a robust AI component for brief generation
Integrate a custom AI module into an existing infrastructure
Ensure the briefs align closely with the brand identities
Client's Challenges

Time-consuming brief creation

The client's team invested several days in creating project briefs, depending on the scale of the customer’s business. That involved a thorough discovery phase, manual analysis of collected data, and a lengthy internal approval process. As a result, the client observed a lead churn, a decrease in the average number of deals closed, and a decline in employee productivity.

Reputation risks

The significant impact of human factors on the brief creation process led to increased errors. Furthermore, customer requests could be misinterpreted, as they were usually based on verbal and written communications, not specific examples. These shortcomings could affect entire campaigns created for major clients. As a result, the lack of automation posed risks to the company's reputation and could result in revenue loss. Considering that, the company decided to implement a custom AI brief creation module.

Lack of highly specialized talent

Despite its size, the company lacked the in-house expertise necessary to develop an AI-based brief creation module from scratch and seamlessly integrate it into its existing infrastructure. The client decided to engage software development and DevOps service providers — UppLabs and OpsWorks Co.

OpsWorks Co. Solution

Discovery & Roadmap Creation

Our collaboration began with a thorough project assessment and the creation of a detailed strategy. Key areas of our focus included: analyzing the current project brief creation process, developing a strategy for AI usage to enhance brand analysis and improve the brief generation process, identifying areas for AI integration.

AI Module Development

The team managed to develop a robust custom AI module capable of understanding and analyzing diverse brand elements in seconds using ML algorithms and NLP techniques. We applied automated language model testing based on the historical data provided. Our experts meticulously validated all outcomes of the model's operation right from the outset, guaranteeing that the AI tool accurately translates brand analysis into comprehensive project briefs.

Integration process

Building the integration points of the AI module with other systems proved to be quite a complex task. Our team undertook the challenge by crafting APIs to facilitate seamless connectivity with over 10 solutions, from CRM to Content and Project Management Systems. Each integration required careful consideration of data formats, security protocols, and workflow compatibility to ensure robust and reliable communication between the AI module and the existing infrastructure.

Results and Benefits
Efficient brief generation in a matter of hours
2x enhanced employee productivity
Advanced & accurate brand analysis
25% higher customer satisfaction rate