Infrastructure audit

Business agility becomes vital at the time of crisis, as it happened at the lockdown in 2020. Thousands of businesses had to adjust and change, adopt new technologies, and practices to survive. As a result, we found new ways of doing business, invented new approaches, etc.

An IT infrastructure audit with OpsWorks Co. shows a full picture of how your product operates and what processes need to be optimized to comply with the modern market. Our Solution Architects use the latest technologies than have proven their efficiency and security level. As the infrastructure audit is completed, you get a list of recommendations on how to improve and optimize the work of your IT infrastructure.

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Why do you need an Infrastructure Technical Audit?
Risk elimination
Knowing what system’s vulnerability is gives you an advantage in failure prevention.
Being compliant with modern IT infrastructure standards is an essential requirement for businesses.
IT infrastructure audit prevents companies from costly security breaches. Efficiency. A technical audit significantly reduces the possibility of business interruptions by implementing a proper disaster recovery plan.
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The IT Infrastructure Audit Process

Our goal is to help customers get their applications running smoothly and at the minimum cost. The IT Infrastructure audit helps to evaluate the current state of infrastructure using the following criteria: hardware utilization and costs, efficiency, scalability, reliability, and security. The result of the audit is a document that describes issues, solutions, and future improvements.

The process of the technical audit includes but is not limited to the system’s internal design check and effectiveness evaluation, security measures audit, and IT governance. We make sure your system is secured, available, fault-tolerant, and compliant. Check the detailed plan below.

Audit initiation.
Identifying goals, objects of analysis, and planning the audit. IT infrastructure analysis. General information: infrastructure logic, dependencies, and security audit.
Tools and technologies.
Analysis of the technologies and tools used in the development, quality assurance, and project management processes.
Given all recollected data we present management with all audit reports, recommendations, and implementation plans.
To make sure all recommendations are implemented thoroughly and are properly working, we conduct a final review.
Technologies we use
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The most asked questions
What is an IT audit process?

It is the process of gathering information on the company’s IT systems so that they can be evaluated against set standards to determine if the performance is meeting them. Furthermore, it checks if the current procedures enable the accomplishment of business objectives and if the resources are being utilized effectively. The audit enables inefficiencies to be located and corrected.

What is the purpose of an IT audit?

The main purpose of an IT audit is to improve business operations by uncovering ineffective and inefficient procedures resulting in unnecessary costs. By doing so, the company can reduce its operating costs by improving its operations, which also directly affects the quality of the product and services provided by the company. Having frequent audits from OpsWorks Co. will ensure that your business is always successful.

What type of access do I have to provide to have my infrastructure audited?

Auditors will need access to the company’s IT systems, especially the ones whose failure would have a catastrophic impact on the organization. You will need to provide information on the hardware and the software that you use. This will allow the auditors to assess the vulnerabilities and risks associated with those components. Interviews with key personnel may also be required for the audit to be effective.

How long does it take to perform an IT infrastructure audit?

The audit can take from one week to one month to be completed. First, there is audit initiation, which is the process of gathering information on the structure, security, and dependencies. Then, there is an analysis of the technologies and tools that the company uses in management and quality assurance. Once the audit is complete, the management will be presented with recommendations and implementation plans.

What is the product of the IT infrastructure audit?

After the completion of an IT audit, the clients are presented with audit reports, recommendations, and an implementation plan. The recommendations mainly deal with the improvement of the infrastructure weaknesses, such as replacing outdated equipment, manual work that can be automated, and inefficient working procedures. The implementation plan provides solutions for overcoming these obstacles.