About us

About OpsWorks Co.

OpsWorks Co. is Ukraine-based professional DevOps and system administrators team.

We gather all the newest technologies in cloud computing consultancy, system administration services, microservices design and implementation, virtualization, automatization, and infrastructure development to deliver it to our customers as a service.

OpsWorks Co. offers DevOps consulting & DevOps services by employing the best tools of deployment, monitoring and configuration management. We provide knowledge services in continuous integration and continuous delivery, automated testing, and customized infrastructure management services. We give the tools your team needs to transit into a DevOps environment successfully.

We are inspired by the best DevOps practices and Agile development that makes us professionals in these areas. Over a couple of years, we have consulted small and mid-sized companies, all around the world. Because of such extensive experience in the field, we consider ourselves to be among the best companies in the industry.









Work Principles

The integrity of our work ethics and principles have always been the linchpins of our success.

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