ETX Capital trading platform: halving costs by migrating to the cloud

Industry: FinTech
Service: AWS Migration
Duration: 3 years

About Project
ETX Capital, initially based in London, was an online trading platform successfully acquired by Guru Capital in 2020. The solution provided its clients with stock trading options across 20 countries, cutting-edge cryptocurrency trading, and access to more than 5,000 markets for spread betting.


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Client's Goals
Perform a successful migration from data centers to the cloud on a tight schedule
Set up automation & monitoring to ensure smooth and uninterrupted operation
Increase the awareness of an in-house team on DevOps best practices
Client's Challenges

Cumbersome legacy infrastructure

The client operated within two 15-year-old data centers. Eventually, the existing infrastructure became inefficient, costly, difficult to maintain, and challenging to predict. After evaluating options, the client decided to migrate to a hybrid cloud infrastructure, aiming for a more streamlined and efficient operation.

Shortage of automation & monitoring

ETX Capital faced a significant lack of automation. All tasks were handled manually, leading to cases where, for instance, requests for new testing environments took several weeks to process. The absence of a robust monitoring and log collector hindered the business's ability to foresee operational issues and address them effectively.

Limited timeline

The client was committed to transitioning from data centers to the cloud within 12 months for two core reasons. First of all, the licenses for specific software used by the company, as well as the warranty for the bare metal ETX Capital utilized in two data centers, were nearing expiration. Also throughout the project, data center equipment frequently malfunctioned, making it more practical to accelerate the migration to the cloud rather than allocate time for repairs.

OpsWorks Co. Solution

Migration to hybrid cloud

The planning and execution of migrating from data centers to the cloud fell entirely to the OpsWorks Co. team. Our engineers made regular trips to the client's offices to facilitate the transition and address any technical issues that arose. Consequently, we developed a sturdy hybrid and multi-regional infrastructure that integrated on-premise data centers in the UK with offices in London, Turin, and Limassol at the network level. While 98% of the entire infrastructure was hosted on AWS, it also incorporated several GCP and Microsoft Azure services.

Basic logging and monitoring

While working on this project, engineers from OpsWorks Co. set up logging and monitoring for both the server part and platform services to gather valuable business metrics, such as the number of open trade positions, active sessions, etc. This solution assisted ETX Capital in anticipating platform operation issues before they occur, enabling the client to prevent downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and enhance end-user loyalty and satisfaction.

Service automation on the go

The transition to a hybrid cloud environment entailed automating every service we migrated. Since the client's architecture wasn't prepared for migration to AWS, our experts had to rigorously test each service in the cloud and tailor our strategies and tools accordingly. The team at OpsWorks Co. tackled all dependencies with a suite of technologies, including Terraform, Terragrunt, Ansible, Helm, and Telegraf, among others.

Results and Benefits
A successful migration to highly secured and flexible cloud infrastructure
Effective predictive maintenance based on accurate monitoring data
A 50% reduction in infrastructure costs due to migration to a hybrid cloud
Optimized infrastructure maintenance processes due to service automation