Amazon’s early attempts to use alternative processors in cloud computing weren’t that good. AWS Arm instances did not stand out with high performance. However, now the company is set to change the industry with its new-generation processors Graviton2 built with ARM Neoverse N1 architecture. Let’s check our best practices for maintenance cost savings.

The last thing you want to see when debugging your code is chaos. But what if this chaos is controlled and launched by the developers themselves? Why deliberately create turbulence in the well-coordinated operation of your application? How can you achieve peace of mind when releasing important features? When exactly does the practice of chaos […]

15 December 2021

Cloud technology is becoming one of the fastest-growing areas in I.T. Based on the Cloud Services Global Market Report: Covid 19 Impact and Recovery to 2030, the industry is anticipated to attain a valuation of nearly $USD800 billion in 2025. This calculation uses a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of fourteen percent. The technology is […]

You may have heard that even a minute of downtime can result in the loss of thousands of dollars for businesses. Still, that sounds impossible, right? Let’s have a look at some examples: In 2015, Apple lost an estimated $25 million when the Apple Store was down for 12 hours. In 2016, a 5-hour downtime […]

You wouldn’t believe how often business owners ask themselves ‘Would it be cheaper for our infrastructure maintenance if we moved to Azure?’ Even though this question will never have a simple answer, we’ve decided to show you how it works in reality. We will showcase one infrastructure replicated on Azure and AWS with a cost […]

09 December 2021

If you’re already using AWS to handle your data and applications or even just thinking about cloud migration, you have to come up with Plan B. In case AWS prices skyrocket or Azure develops a better solution for your needs, there must be a way to switch from AWS to Azure. Good news! There indeed […]

09 December 2021

Cloud computing has drastically changed the business world. Since 2006, when Amazon launched their innovative product Amazon Web Services, business giants have been switching from classical data storage on on-premises servers to cloud data storage. In 2010, Microsoft managed to catch up with Amazon and provided businesses with their big data storage and managing solution, […]

Meeting the preferences of today’s market requires all industries to constantly develop and improve. Of course…