15 December 2021

Cloud technology is becoming one of the fastest-growing areas in I.T. Based on the Cloud Services Global Market Report: Covid 19 Impact and Recovery to 2030, the industry is anticipated to attain a valuation of nearly $USD800 billion in 2025. This calculation uses a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of fourteen percent. The technology is […]

13 December 2021

The benefits of using cloud technology are well known due to the savings that it provides and efficiency that it brings to your business. When moving processes and systems to the cloud, a company can face difficulties. Wise planning and professional cloud migration consulting can help avoid them. All aspects of moving data and applications […]

09 December 2021

Our team at OpsWorks Co. just got off the phone with Clutch! They called our offices to tell us that we had just been named one of the top cloud consultants! Hiring an outside provider is a smart business move in many ways, and hiring cloud consultants is even more essential. That is why we […]

09 December 2021

Cloud computing has drastically changed the business world. Since 2006, when Amazon launched their innovative product Amazon Web Services, business giants have been switching from classical data storage on on-premises servers to cloud data storage. In 2010, Microsoft managed to catch up with Amazon and provided businesses with their big data storage and managing solution, […]