13 December 2021

The benefits of using cloud technology are well known due to the savings that it provides and efficiency that it brings to your business. When moving processes and systems to the cloud, a company can face difficulties. Wise planning and professional cloud migration consulting can help avoid them. All aspects of moving data and applications […]

09 December 2021

If you’re already using AWS to handle your data and applications or even just thinking about cloud migration, you have to come up with Plan B. In case AWS prices skyrocket or Azure develops a better solution for your needs, there must be a way to switch from AWS to Azure. Good news! There indeed […]

09 December 2021

Moving IT infrastructures to the cloud is a complex process and often hinders the development of a company. How does moving to the cloud work, what is the reason for migrating, and in what order is the work done? Let’s consider the main aspects of moving the IT infrastructure and the benefits for the company.

09 December 2021

Cloud migration might be one of the best and most cost-efficient decisions for your company. Apart from being affordable, cloud migration allows your business to become more flexible and expand without spending additional money on IT department maintenance. But who said it would be easy to migrate to the cloud so that you can appreciate […]

01 May 2021

Meeting the preferences of today’s market requires all industries to constantly develop and improve. Of course…