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About the Project
High Voltage SEO is an agency that works tirelessly to create perfect testing environments for SEO methods. The project helps people clearly understand how well-optimized their web content is and provides recommendations for its improvement.

Goals of the Project

HVSEO's goal is to show faster rankings and traffic for different pages and requests. Therefore, to process requests more quickly, to investigate and improve infrastructure, and to solve the server problems, we concentrated on reaching the following goals:

  • Improved server security
  • Better infrastructure manageability
  • Data backup management enforcement
  • Automated API configuration
Considering issues that the client faced (poor performance, low infrastructure manageability, and security) we developed a solution mainly based on migration of the HVSEO main server to AWS cloud.
AWS Cloud Migration
HVSEO's main and helping servers were previously hosted by To ensure higher efficiency, fault-tolerance, and better manageability, we migrated the servers to an instance on AWS with the following software: Nginx+Apache, PostgreSQL, MySQL, PHP.

We set up a DB backup for the old server and restored it on the new one, copied and moved files from WordPress, and reconfigured SSL certificates for the domain on the new server.

Migrating the main server to AWS resulted in better manageability, reliability, and fault-tolerance. Now all the servers are located together which resulted in faster interaction and data transfer.
Auto Backup System
To enforce data backup management we created and configured a backup system for all AWS servers and adopted AWS Lambda for deleted backup files. By automating the backup system, we managed to optimize expenses on backup file storage. Thus, the HVSEO team can always rely on its system to be able to roll back to the previous version and avoid data loss.

Backup process configuration allowed the client to reduce performance degradation related to data backup and disaster recovery activities. More importantly, it led to less revenue loss. As a result, the client obtained an improved website and stable server work.
Monitoring System Setup
As a security and fails preventive measure we add all our clients' servers to our monitoring system based on Zabbix. Apart from this, the HVSEO team runs its own monitoring. This helps us proactively react to the system threats and enhance security.
Security System Improvement
As too many IPs with different names constantly try to connect the HVSEO system, we set up Fail2Ban to scan log files and ban malicious IPs (IPs with too many password failures or seeking exploits).
API System Automation
Each HVSEO server has its IP which it uses while making requests from satellite servers to different search engines from around the globe. This is why the servers' IPs were frequently banned. Our goal was to find the solution to automate IP change.

Our team has created a script that detected the issue with an IP and notified the HVSEO team when it occurred. Before, the client would change the IP manually. Currently, the team saves a lot of time having the system change instances every day to avoid IP banning.
Due to the performance degradation of the PostgreSQL database caused by the high load CPU when there was a request to the database, we reconfigured the DB parameters to lower CPU use. As a result of an Nginx-server reconfiguration, the application and the website performance improved to faster and more stable activity.
Project Results
During our collaboration, we have accomplished hundreds of tasks and consequently made significant changes to the HVSEO infrastructure. The main improvements include:
Better serviceability due to the server migration to AWS
Higher security with HDD servers on AWS
Faster server operation as a result of server load optimization
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