Unlocking Cost Efficiency for Global Content Management Solution

Industry: Media and Information Services (B2B)
Service: DevOpa-as-a-Service
Duration: 5+ years

About Project
Syndigo is the first-ever Active Content Engine that unlocks the management of master data, product information, digital assets, content syndication, and analytics for 12,000+ global brands and 50,000+ users worldwide. Dealing with astronomical monthly infrastructure bills of up to $1M for far too long, the client sought a DevOps partner to help.


active global users


global brands and manufacturers


daily data quality checks

Client's Goals
Reduce enormous expenses on cloud services
Improve the product to unlock efficient scaling
Client's Challenges

Hard Overbudgeting

For a few years in a row, the client struggled with the burden of skyrocketing infrastructure charges caused by imperfect product architecture. The platform that was initially rushed into development to test hypotheses and attract early users unexpectedly evolved into a long-term commitment even though it wasn't ready for this.

Unscalable Functionality

Despite data mining being a big part of the product core, its functionality was built in a non-scalable manner. The absence of parallel processing, along with deep-first crawl and imbalanced web scraping, posed challenges to both product expansion and infrastructure enhancement.

High Commitments

With 50K users relying on stable access to real-time data daily, Syndigo is steadfast in its commitment to providing seamless services and top-notch user experience. Fully aware that even minor errors or interruptions could result in critical data loss, the client wanted to reduce the frequency of issues and downtime to an absolute minimum.

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OpsWorks Co. Solution

Cost Optimization

Tweaking the product in a way that saves an impressive chunk of the budget, the OpsWorks team reimagined the whole solution. Spider bots now swiftly complete tasks within 30 seconds before seamlessly transitioning to the next one. Built that way, they can handle interruptions easily, so unlock the ability to use SPOT instances and dynamic scaling. As a result, infrastructure spending fell from $1M/month to $80K/month.

Scalability Boost

With new core logic and Kubernetes adoption, the product gained the ability to scale quickly and efficiently. The number of spider bots is now dynamic and can be tweaked in response to the task volume, whether scaling up or down. This flexibility enhances the product's responsiveness to varying workloads and unlocks its growth potential.

Routine Processes Automation

Empowering the client to manage the product more strategically, OpsWorks has implemented automation for routine processes in both the production and testing phases. This approach unlocks possibilities for resource optimization and budget-saving initiatives within the team. Moreover, it significantly reduces time-to-market, improving customer satisfaction level.

Results and Benefits
New product architecture and approaches helped to reduce the cost of infrastructure from $1M/month to $80K/month
Automation and optimization of CI/CD Pipeline helped to shorter time-to-market and improve customer satisfaction level
Optimization and improvement of deployment scripts and processes resulted in deployment time reduction from 30 to 5 minutes
The new core logic and Kubernetes adoption unlocked product's growth potential
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Clients' Feedback
Sergei Bruksha
VP of Engineering at Syndigo

Before we collaborated with OpsWorks, our infrastructure was optimized not enough to satisfy both project demands and the available budget. Also, there was a need to improve existing infrastructure and move it to the containerized environment. OpsWorks engineers helped us to deconstruct these problems into separate parts and implement step-by-step solutions that would meet our requirements. They are passionate about what they are doing, and engineers are available 24/7. There are still a lot of improvements and tweaks to be made to the existing infrastructure, and we are looking forward to continuing our collaboration. The work that has already been done is significant, and we appreciate it. OpsWorks can handle all the tasks that are needed for your infrastructure just in time and within the available budget. Great company to collaborate with.

Oleksandr Slubsky
CTO&Co-founder at LMS Collaborator

Our team is impressed by the job quality and professional skills level of the engineers at OpsWorks Col. These guys are known to do their job pretty good!

Oleksandr Slubsky
CTO&Co-founder at LMS Collaborator

Our team is impressed by the job quality and professional skills level of the engineers at OpsWorks Col. These guys are known to do their job pretty good!