Resilient and flexible infrastructure for Oval Money neobank

Industry: FinTech
Service: DevOps as a Service, Managed cloud services
Duration: 2 years

About Project
Oval Money, a European neobank, assisted 100,000 active users in automating their savings. It offered straightforward access to diversified investment options for individuals, using AI to facilitate automatic transfers. In 2021, Oval Money was acquired by Guru Capital (the “Client”) and integrated with the ETX trading platform into a single application.


active users


years on the market


revenue growth

Client's Goals
Merge Oval Money and ETX into a single platform
Enhance infrastructure flexibility and resilience
Avoid product downtime while upgrading infrastructure
Client's Challenges

Strict deadline

Following a swift acquisition of Oval Money, the Client faced the urgent need to assimilate and refine Oval Money's existing infrastructure in a matter of weeks. That was essential to ensure continuous operations and prepare the Oval Money product to merge with the ETX trading platform.

Avoiding downtime

Oval Money was already in production. Therefore, improving its infrastructure without downtime was crucial for the Client to prevent reputation damage and customer churn, potentially costing thousands.

Forging new alliances

Several months after the acquisition, the Client ended its partnership with a banking service provider that powered Oval Money's operations. As a result, the company has a three-month timeframe to find a new partner, develop a migration plan for the infrastructure, and implement it successfully. Consequently, 8 OpsWorks Co. tech specialists managed to perform the job usually done by 30 skilled engineers and developers.

OpsWorks Co. Solution

Rapid project onboarding

The OpsWorks Co. team quickly adapted to the unique aspects of the infrastructure, actively engaging in its integration and enhancement within one month of the acquisition. Concurrently, it managed the migration of ETX’s infrastructure from data centers to AWS.

Development workflow enhancement

Having worked on the ETX project for a year before acquiring Oval Money, OpsWorks Co.'s experience proved invaluable. We were able to assist developers under urgent conditions and accelerate the time-to-market for new features. When developers made significant codebase changes, OpsWorks Co. supported them on the infrastructure level, contributing with a deep understanding of product logic.

OpsWorks’ Reference K8s infrastructure

To have consistent, scalable and easy-to-maintain infrastructure, our team suggested using our reference Kubernetes architecture for both new (Oval Money) and legacy (ETX Capital) products. To satisfy the clients’ security requirements, we also integrated Splunk as a single destination for all logs, metrics and traces. That transition enabled the Client to effortlessly manage large data volumes, gain accurate analytics, and improve compliance management.

Results and Benefits
Robust integration with a banking service provider and a flexible, robust infrastructure due to migrations executed
Development of a resilient and secure infrastructure capable of withstanding sophisticated DDoS attacks
Saved costs, high level of end-user satisfaction and loyalty due to zero downtime
Easier infrastructure management thanks to the implementation of efficient infrastructure maintenance processes