Elevating US Healthcare Startup with Scalability and Availability

Industry: Healthcare
Service: AWS Migration, Kubernetes Adoption
Duration: Active phase took 1 month + ongoing

About Project
The client is a startup that connects patients and doctors directly, bypassing insurance companies. Covering 70+ US cities with a network of over half a thousand dentists and physicians, the platform provides access to primary care plans to everyone who needs it, regardless of insurance status. Once launched, the client made the product's reliability and stability a top priority.


doctors network


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Client's Goals
Ensure the reliability and stability of the platform
Take the product to a new level after the launch
Client's Challenges

Limited Scalability

Moving from proof of concept to a state of fully launched startup, the client wasn't sure that the platform was ready to cope with the flow of new users. Creating a robust infrastructure to handle the expected traffic surge smoothly became essential.

Lack of Stability

Taking the common startup approach, the client focused on core features rather than on system performance. However, lacking a zero downtime deployment configuration, they faced potential risks with each live platform update or change.

Manual Deployment

Saving resources, the client decided to launch the product with a manually maintained server configuration and deployment process. However, as the team and project grew, managing completely non-automated operations became more and more challenging.

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OpsWorks Co. Solution

Reference Architecture

Understanding the client's struggles and budget limitations, the OpsWorks Co. team suggested adopting our client-validated reference architecture. This approach allows speed-up development while staying budget-friendly. Our reference architecture seamlessly aligns with all six pillars of the Well-Architected Framework, making it a solid and reliable project base.

Kubernetes Adoption

To ensure the platform's scalability, our team used Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS). This approach helped us achieve flexibility and scalability of the solution, making it ready to efficiently handle traffic surges and constantly deliver users a high-quality experience.

CI/CD Automation

Elevating the project to a new level, our team automated the CI/CD process using GitHub Actions. Since the platform's source code was already stored there, it made perfect sense to continue using the tools the team was already familiar with.

Results and Benefits
High-available infrastructure
System scalability
Fully automated CI/CD
Cost optimization
Technologies we use