Driving Innovation and Scalability for Europe's Leading Independent Financial Service Provider

Industry: Fintech
Service: DevOps-as-a-Service, Kubernetes adoption
Duration: 1,5 years

About Project
The client is one of the largest independent financial service providers in Central and Eastern Europe. Operating in 10+ countries, the company covers the needs of 16.3 million active customers with both banking services and quality software for it. Intending to improve one of their applications significantly, the client started cooperation with OpsWorks Co.


active customers


countries covered


income in 1Q 2023

Client's Goals
Level up one of their software apps, switching to new technologies and approaches
Comply with strict security and safety conditions to ensure user data protection
Client's Challenges

Legacy Software

The application client needed help with was there for quite some time. Lacking any documentation, their in-house team struggled to understand how to operate, deploy, or maintain the software. Recognizing the significance of the problem, they sought external expertise to find a viable solution.

Disaster Unreadiness

Unsure of effectively managing the app, the client realized they were also unprepared for potential emergencies. Building a comprehensive disaster plan and step-by-step emergency guides has become a priority.

Strict Security Requirements

Working in financial services and banking, the client highly values the safety of its customers' data. That is why it was important for the team and application to comply with all security requirements.

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OpsWorks Co. Solution

Reverse Engineering

To unravel all the aspects of the system, our team used the Reverse Engineering technique. By studying the app through experimentation and testing, we pieced together a clear understanding of its architecture, functionalities, and dependencies into comprehensive documentation.

Team Education

Recognizing that each client's team member has their own experience level, we tailored a comprehensive course to bring everyone on the same page. We also improved in-house staff competency by offering hands-on expertise and guidance, enabling them to use unfamiliar technologies confidently.

Security Requirements Compliance

We established a strong foundation for security compliance, such as PCI DSS, from ground-up infrastructure development to elevating the product with modern solutions like Kubernetes. Configuring access to the Oracle DB and implementing Hashicorp Vault, our experts ensured users' data protection. Additionally, we trained the internal team in handling unsealing procedures, reinforcing the system's robustness.

Results and Benefits
Scalable infrastructure made from scratch
Resilient system with a disaster recovery plan
In-house team expertise improvement
System compliance with security requirements
Technology Stack