Elevate your infrastructure security with threat detection

Let our team take your cloud security to the next level with Amazon GuardDuty and its latest EKS Audit Log Monitoring and EKS Runtime Monitoring features. Equipped with tool that use machine learning, anomaly spotting, and integrated threat intelligence to identify and prioritize potential risks, OpsWorks can assure enhanced security for each business with infrastructure in AWS.

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Securing your success
Working on your Infrastructure Security, our team can complement your Kubernetes clusters with GuardDuty EKS Audit Log Monitoring and EKS Runtime Monitoring. Continuously tracking user and application activity captured in Kubernetes audit logs, it delivers detailed security findings for visibility and remediation.
Rapid activation
If you are already a GuardDuty customer, our team can enable Audit Log Monitoring and Runtime Monitoring with a single click, initiating an instant scan of all events across your system.
Continuous monitoring
EKS Audit Log Monitoring and Runtime Monitoring enables 24/7 comprehensive control, helping continuously spot unexpected or malicious activity in your AWS environment.
Throughout threat detection
With GuardDuty's newest features, our team can help detect known and unknown threats, safeguarding your Kubernetes clusters from a wide range of potential risks.
Seamless cover
Employing Amazon GuardDuty for Kubernetes protection enables our team to continuously monitor cluster control plane and runtime activities across all your accounts.
Let's detect it all
Our team can detect suspicious activities and potential compromises by continuously analyzing Kubernetes audit logs with GuardDuty's latest features onboard. Since this way we can work with a security-relevant set of records, you'll always have answers to the most critical questions:

What happened?

Working with findings that are based on specific events uncovered while the audit Kubernetes logs analysis, we are fully prepared. As soon as any suspicious activity looms, our team knows every smallest detail about it.

When did it happen?

Having chronological data at disposal, OpsWorks specialists know precisely down to the second when each doubtful activity took place. And our response is immediate, ensuring the utmost security and protection of your system.

Who initiated it?

Tracing the cause of suspicious activities is not a problem. Our team is always aware since GuardDuty EKS Audit Log Monitoring and Runtime Monitoring screening events from individual users, administrators, and system components.

Unlock peace of mind
OpsWorks team is ready to take your infrastructure security to the next level
Extra security done easy
With minimum effort and time spent, our team can create one more security shield between your infrastructure and potential threats. And the best part is that GuardDuty EKS Audit Log Monitoring and Runtime Monitoring has no performance or availability impact, so your system stays as is but is more secure.
Understand your findings
We always have clear and actionable insights since all the GuardDuty EKS Audit Log Monitoring and Runtime Monitoring findings align with the MITRE ATT&CK framework.
Privilege Escalation
Credential Access
Defense Evasion
Discovery Impact
Know your next step
The OpsWorks team knows exactly how to prevent or fix any security situations that may arise. Especially with key container information and container-level context created by GuardDuty EKS Audit Log Monitoring and Runtime Monitoring during threat detection.
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