IT Infrastructure Audit

Business agility becomes vital at the time of crisis, as it happened at the lockdown in 2020. Thousands of businesses had to adjust and change, adopt new technologies, and practices to survive. As a result, we found new ways of doing business, invented new approaches, etc.

IT infrastructure audit with OpsWorks Co. shows a full picture of how your product operates and what processes need to be optimized to comply with the modern market. Our Solution Architects use the latest technologies that have proven their efficiency and security level. As the infrastructure audit is completed, you get a list of recommendations on how to improve and optimize the work of your IT infrastructure.

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What is an IT infrastructure audit, and why you need it?
Risk elimination
Knowing what a system's vulnerability gives you an advantage in failure prevention.
Being compliant with modern IT infrastructure standards is an essential requirement for businesses.
A technical audit significantly reduces the possibility of business interruptions by implementing a proper disaster recovery plan.
IT infrastructure audit prevents companies from costly security breaches.
We keep deepening the expertise to meet your highest expectations and build even more innovative software
The IT Infrastructure Audit Process

Our goal is to help customers get their applications running smoothly and at the minimum cost. The IT Infrastructure audit helps to evaluate the current state of infrastructure using the following criteria: hardware utilization and costs, efficiency, scalability, reliability, and security. The result of the audit is a document that describes issues, solutions, and future improvements.

The process of the technical audit includes but is not limited to the system’s internal design check and effectiveness evaluation, security measures audit, and IT governance. We make sure your system is secured, available, fault-tolerant, and compliant. Check the detailed plan below.

Audit initiation
Identifying goal, objects of analysis, and planning the audit.
IT infrastructure analysis
General information: infrastructure logic, dependencies, and security audit.
Tools and technologies
Analysis of the technologies and tools used in the development, quality assurance, and project management processes.
Given all recollected data we present management with all audit reports, recommendations, and implementation plan.
To make sure all recommendations are implemented thoroughly and are properly working, we conduct a final review.
Technologies we use
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Application reliability and uptime management

For most businesses providing a service means being online.

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IT Infrastructure Optimization

The aim of DevOps Consulting services at OpsWorks Co. is shorter time-to-market, boosted security, scalability, and manageability…

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Most frequently asked questions
How does infrastructure optimization help in business growth?

Infrastructure optimization creates vast opportunities for a company: better service delivery, improvement of operating processes, as well as great savings. With optimization, data centers become more efficient, and the need to acquire more infrastructure for increasing demands is eliminated, thus reducing costs. Engineers at OpsWorks Co. are here to optimize your infrastructure,  ensuring increased profits and reduced costs.

What is the most important part of an IT infrastructure?

The most important part is the IT engineers. They will determine whether you overspent or save and whether you progress or fail. With a competent team, you’ll be advised on the specifications of the machines to be bought, and the software tools needed to aid them in improving their delivery. In the wrong hands, even the best equipment and software tools won’t amount to much.

What are the benefits of an optimized IT infrastructure?

With an optimized infrastructure, companies become more profitable because of the reduced need for more equipment to perform operations, and reduced manpower to monitor these machines. Customer satisfaction increases with an improved delivery system, which is also a direct result of optimization. Get excellent services from OpsWorks Co. and experience the benefits of optimization in your company. 

On-premise vs. on-cloud infrastructure: which is better?

For some setups, on-premise would be a better option while for others, on-cloud would be preferable. Firstly, the company should estimate the resources they would need to acquire to set up the infrastructure on-premise. Then, there is the question of the engineers’ capacity to manage and maintain the equipment. Finally, the magnitude and type of your services should be considered. Before choosing, it’s best to consult DevOps experts on which option is most suitable for your specific type of business.

How exactly can an IT infrastructure be optimized?

Optimization entails that the operation of the machines is at an optimum, the skills of the engineers are not questionable, and that they are meeting objectives in time. Therefore, an assessment of these factors is required to determine if they are productive or are just consuming the company’s resources without any tangible output. After the assessment, the lacking components are then optimized to meet the current demand or discarded.