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Apply for two complimentary expert hours
The project example: CI/CD Pipeline Improvement
To resolve task we need approximately 30 hours. Let's see how it could be payed for:
2 expert hours *$50 everyday
Weekly $500
Monthly $2,000
Fixed-price $2,000
1 W E E K
1 W E E K
1 W E E K
30 hours
Times & material
● You have weekly/monthly budget limit;

● The scope of work is undefined because business task is abstract.

You pay weekly or monthly per certain amount expert hours of our team, spent on your project.

Times & Material (hourly rate) starts at 10 hours per week for $50 per hour.

Fixed price
● You have budget limit on project.

● The scope of work is specific and we may guarantee the price and deadlines for the project.

You pay in advance or after the job is done fix price for the project.

Fixed-Price (price per project) starts at $1000.
The support team runs continuous monitoring of your IT infrastructure to prevent any failure caused by an unexpected load spike or system malfunctioning.

The engineers are available 24/7 within 15 min after a threat.

Our Support Plan starts at $850 U.S. per month.
Apply for 2 complimentary DevOps Consulting hours
Our experts will recommend you how to optimize your infrastructure