DevOps Application Support

The Support team in OpsWorks Co. manages the current infrastructure and is always working to guard against threats. The team sees all alerts in the monitoring system and analyzes them to decide whether to run preventive measures or pass the issue to the DevOps team.

The support team continuously ensures fault-tolerance and enhanced security of your system so you don’t have to worry about it. DevOps application support has become the key to successful infrastructure maintenance.

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DevOps Support Services
100+ companies worldwide trust us as their DevOps solutions provider
Servers Setup and Management
надо текст_IT infrastructure audit with OpsWorks Co. shows a full picture of how your product operates and what processes need to be optimized.
Level 2/3 Technical Support
надо текст_Using such tools as JMeter, Gatling, AB, Chaos Monkey, we perform stress testing to determine application and hardware bottlenecks.
SLA and Uptime Maintenance
надо текст_A logging solution helps monitor and analyze application productivity, incident debugging, and performance forecasting.
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Level 2/3 technical support

Our support team proactively monitors your infrastructure and services 24/7. Not only we perform emergency incident resolution but also proactively detect and prevent possible issues with the service performance and underlying hardware.Our monitoring solution includes Prometheus, Zabbix, and Grafana detects suspicious and malicious activity in your infrastructure and alerts in the real time. This helps teams prevent possible outages and drawbacks in future.

Servers setup and management

Our support model is there to provide 24/7 support for customer IT infrastructure and helps to ensure high availability and uptime of the IT infrastructure and applications.We help our customers manage system administration and server-related tasks. Whether you need LAMP-stack support or mail configuration, our team of engineers will be there for you 24/7. We provide IT infrastructure services using a wide range of Linux and Windows technologies. Our system maintenance services include servers and service support, IT infrastructure maintenance, remote system administration services, and networking tasks.

SLA and uptime maintenance

We cover our DevOps and support services with SLA and uptime index. Our team closely works with the customer to define metrics and endpoints for monitoring and measuring. Using third party APM monitoring systems and services, like NewRelic, DataDog, and Pingdom we constantly gather business metrics to make sure they are in line with SLA parameters.

OpsWorks Co. ensures the high-availability SLA and monitors performance of the system to comply with the uptime service level agreement and keep the system running 24/7. We also prevent downtime by running an alerting system that spots drawbacks that could impact the infrastructure performance. Our aim is a 99.9 SLA and 24/7 service availability of our client's systems.

24/7 Support and Maintenance
DevOps Support by OpsWorks Co.

24/7 support

Sleep tight while our support team takes care of your infrastructure health.

80/20 rule

Filter out 80% of low-priority issues to focus on what matters — your business.

100% flawless

Eliminate human error from your delivery processes.

The business benefits of DevOps Support
100+ companies worldwide trust us as their DevOps Support Provider
Risk aversion
IT CEOs know all too well how much downtime can cost. Usually, it's more expensive than keeping the infrastructure running. DevOps support, server administration and maintenance works to prevent issues that may cause application failure.
Since the demand for data protection is growing in Europe and the USA, we also advise our clients to prepare their infrastructure for GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, SOC1, and SOC2 certification.
Reduced errors and failures means less time and fewer resources taken away from application improvement with our Sysadmin as a service solution. Therefore, the development teams are able to concentrate on creating competitive features and conquering the market.
Technologies we use
Support your infrastructure!
Prevent system failures with OpsWorks Co. Contact us for more information.
DevOps Support: Our Expertise

Our DevOps Support team will help you find and fix even the slightest vulnerability in your application or new feature. We use the latest technologies and the best DevOps practices to constantly ensure that your business stays secure.

As a DevOps support company we IT administration and maintenance, around the clock monitoring and logging systems with a team of Support engineers to catch any issues and keep your application up and running 24/7.

Since OpsWorks Co. ensures high availability and fault-tolerance, operational, business, and development teams have the freedom to concentrate on improving the application’s functionality and building its marketability.

Our European and American clients have already prepared their IT infrastructures for compliance certifications with OpsWorks Co.

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24/7 Support and Maintenance

The Support team in OpsWorks Co. manages the current infrastructure and is always working to guard against threats.

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The most asked questions
Do DevOps services include support?

Yes, they do. With a dedicated DevOps team to ensure that your business never experiences a loss
due to downtime, OpsWorks Co. is ready to support all your operations 24/7. OpsWorks Co. provides
infrastructure monitoring using the best tools, which continuously and automatically detect
inconsistencies. They are then resolved to ensure that your clients have nothing less than a magical
experience while using your services.

What is DevOps support?

DevOps support is the management of the operating product to make sure that it's functioning
effectively and efficiently. It is done through real-time incident monitoring so that any arising issue is
fixed immediately. Automatic programs are also created to detect any abnormal activity, which is
then automatically and instantly rectified, thus maintaining optimum efficiency.

What is the difference between DevOps and TechOps?

DevOps is more of a culture that encompasses experts from different working environments like
developers, testers, and engineers. Their main aim is to bring awesome ideas to light by
supplementing each other. They monitor and test the project throughout its design stage. TechOps
have more defined duties to tend to, these include monitoring systems, infrastructure planning, and
reviewing network issues.

Role of Support in DevOps adopted environment?

When new companies adopt the DevOps model, their efficiency may be questionable. External
support from experts is required to train the newly formed teams on how to approach this new
culture. The main aim is to bring about improvements in the new structure until the team can
operate on its own. OpsWorks Co. has experienced DevOps engineers who can bring about that
change in your company.

What is reaction time, response time, time to resolve?

Our support works 24/7. If we get a notification about an issue, the maximum response time from
our DevOps team is 15 minutes. Time to resolve depends on the problem, but our experts have all
the knowledge and experience to solve any issue as quickly as possible.