Scalable Architecture for WordPress Based on the AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service
With business owners' needs in mind, we've designed a fully managed AWS-based platform that makes life easier for all WP website owners. The hosting is cheaper, the scaling easier, the IT infrastructure more manageable.

There is no need to melt your brain over the tech side of your website. Instead, get it managed for you instead of hiring an entire team of WP developers.
Existing challenges for business
High hosting fees including idle expenses
WordPress is not designed for easily automated scaling
High traffic causes breakages and downtime
*these challenges lead to the situation when users don't have stable fast access to the WP website, thus the business cannot provide the product that users paid for.
Be always online, get your content up and running
cheaper hosting
Only pay for what you've used
spaces and uploads
Manage your content easily with no effort at all
What do you get?
How does it work?
The cherry on top is the joy of using a highly-available, cost-effective, and easily-manageable IT infrastructure.
We set up WordPress on top of Kubernetes along with backup, and databases.
Kubernetes provides auto-scaling according to the WordPress and database size, without involving any code.
We use AWS hosting as a ground for your infrastructure and makes it easily manageable.
The solution helps systems stay online during traffic spikes, and provides reduced latency for end users so they can have a better user experience. Also, it provides high security and backup options and helps businesses to scale all over the world.
Benefits of our solution
AWS provides a wide range of services that allow clients to manipulate their infrastructure flexibly to attain their business goals in the shortest time possible.
It provides an automatically scalable IT infrastructure that doesn't require any manual interference.
ROI due to saved costs on hosting and beneficial pay-as-you-go model on AWS.
Saving on the services of programmers and supporters for manual maintenance
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