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About the Project
AlgoTrader is an algorithmic trading software system for quantitative hedge funds. It allows the automation of complex, quantitative trading strategies in Equity, Forex, and Derivative markets.

Goals of the Project

  • IT infrastructure maintenance
  • Easy manageable and predictable infrastructure
  • Improved CI/CD Pipeline
  • Highly-secure infrastructure
AlgoTrader's server stores several applications. It requires continuous server work. In order to hold sensible resources management, the company addressed OpsWorks Co. to have a dedicated DevOps engineer to optimize and maintain their IT infrastructure.
To reach all the goals mentioned above, our engineers have built the solution that included the following steps.
IT Infrastructure Maintenance
Linux servers update, test environments creation, configuration changes - when AlgoTrader's team got all infrastructure tasks off their shoulders, they obtained an opportunity to concentrate on the product more. Algotrader's team dedicated more time to developing their software and reaching new customers.
Routine Processes Automation
When something goes wrong in the infrastructure, it affects every developer and delays the whole company from launching a new feature or a change. To avoid delays, be more stable and scalable, we made all the bricks of the infrastructure easier to move between different virtualization systems by containerizing the applications stored on the server.

To enhance manageability, we also prepared the server for horizontal scaling.
CI/CD Pipeline Improvement
AlgoTrader has already had a working version of, basically, everything in their IT infrastructure. Regarding CI/CD Pipelines, we optimized the workflow the way that now software testing passes without any queues. It resulted in the ability to update and release quicker.
Security Enhancement
Firstly, security enhancement for AlgoTrader means making sure the team uses the latest versions of all systems and platforms.

Secondly, having containerized the applications, we improved security due to services isolation. Thus, the security bug of one service doesn't result in all system going down.
Project Results
During our collaboration, we have accomplished hundreds of tasks and consequently made significant changes to the Algortader's infrastructure. The main improvements include:
Ability to concentrate on software optimization rather than on infrastructure maintenance
Higher security due to the services isolation and using the latest versions of all applications
Proactiveness in troubleshooting
Better manageability owing to containerization and orchestration
Quicker updates releases
Ability to strategically improve infrastructure
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