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OpsWorks Co. Makes Clutch's Annual List of Top Cloud Consulting Firms in Ukraine

OpsWorks Co. Makes Clutch's Annual List of Top Cloud Consulting Firms in Ukraine
OpsWorks Co. — Top DevOps agency by Clutch
Our team at OpsWorks Co. just got off the phone with Clutch! They called our offices to tell us that we had just been named one of the top cloud consultants! Hiring an outside provider is a smart business move in many ways, and hiring cloud consultants is even more essential. That is why we are so honored to be one of Clutch's top firms for 2020.
Clutch is located in the nation's capital city, just steps away from the White House in the District of Columbia. Their team of highly trained analysts takes the time to independently verify each and every client review they conduct, and then their editorial team curates and edits the content to present it in an easy to read format. When you're purchasing B2B services, is the premier name for B2B reviews.
That is why we are so honored to be ranked highly on Clutch and maintain a superb average rating! In a recent review, the product manager of Rocket Effect praised our staff augmentation!
"They are predictable and straightforward in terms of what is expected." – Product Manager, Rocket Effect
Thanks to other stellar reviews, we're listed as one of the leading firms in the Ukraine and a leading global cloud consulting firm!
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"We are excited to be recognized on Clutch as a Top B2B company in Ukraine. The OpsWorks Co. team wants to thank all our clients and the Clutch representatives for the award. This recognition is another praise for hard work, and we appreciate it." — Dolobanko Artem, CEO at OpsWorks Co.
We would like to use this opportunity to communicate an issue that businesses might not consider urgent enough.

Since the COVID-19 breakout and the consequent offline breakdown, we have been busy helped companies with their infrastructures autoscaling. No matter where the systems were stored, no one was ready for such a wave of online traffic. This made us wonder what else we are not ready for?
We want to remind you that no business was ready for the lockdown. This is why we should all think about how to protect our wellbeing and avoid any disabling scenarios, like natural disasters, power outages, etc.

The OpsWorks Co. team is now providing our clients with Desaster Recovery as a Service so that you never have to worry about an unplanned downtime. Be prepared and ready for anything!
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