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A major drawback of working with a monolith application is the recurring expense of fixing the same issues over and over. Not only are the resources for microservices architecture design and implementation expensive, centralized systems are difficult and costly to scale which eventually impacts the company's income.

Our clients feel free and totally flexible with their new microservices system design. We offer all the necessary services to create a freely scalable system.
The OpsWorks Co. team designs microservices architecture, provides microservices consulting, sets up Kubernetes cluster, and helps with cloud migration as well as transition from monolith applications to microservices. Depending on your business needs, we will make your IT infrastructure an easily manageable and efficient tool to reach business goals.
Microservices architecture implementation starts with containerizing your monolith application with Docker and setting an orchestration tool (usually Kubernetes or Docker Swarm). This makes your IT infrastructure more flexible, manageable, and more fault-tolerant.
We coordinate with a client's development team to deploy an API Gateway that will manage a direct client-to-microservices communication architecture.
What are the benefits of cloud based microservices for enterprise mobile apps?
Effective computing platform
Increased flexibility
Quicker deployment
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