Run a healthy IT infrastructure on AWS with OpsWorks Co. guidelines
OpsWorks Co. has developed a solution for businesses and solutions architects that helps them build a secure, easily operated, and cost-effective IT infrastructure. So whether you are a business owner interested in cutting maintenance expenses or a CTO aiming to secure and optimize the infrastructure, the following info is for you!

The ultimate guide provided by our specialists as a result of the IT infrastructure audit includes weak sides of your platform, ways of fixing them, and additional recommendations covering all five aspects of the audit: Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, Cost Optimization.
Safer infrastructure
Get a detailed plan on how to protect your data and systems on a higher level
Operational excellence
Support the development and run workloads effectively with OpsWorks Co. guidelines
Optimized costs
Run your IT infrastructure at the most optimal maintenance costs
What do you get?
Pillars of OpsWorks Co. IT Infrastructure Audit
The OpsWorks Co. IT audit allows businesses to run development and workloads effectively and to continuously improve processes to deliver business value and prepare their infrastructure for a seamless migration.
The security pillar aims at showing teams how to take advantage of cloud technologies to protect data, systems, and assets in a way that can improve their security posture.
After implementing the recommendations resulting from the audit, businesses can configure workloads to perform correctly and consistently when expected to. This includes the ability to operate and test the workload throughout its total lifecycle. In addition, the OpsWorks Co. guidelines provide in-depth, best practice tips for implementing reliable workloads on the cloud.
Use computing resources efficiently to meet system requirements, and maintain that efficiency as demand changes and technologies evolve.
We ensure that companies will be able to run systems more efficiently and deliver value to the market at a more sensible price.
Operational Excellence
Performance Efficiency
Cost Optimization
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