Introduction to AWS for businesses
30.10.2021 20:00 EET
We are OpsWorks Co., an AWS partner for Cloud Consulting and DevOps practices integration. Working with multiple clients around the globe gave us a perspective that regardless of the industry and the size of the company, businesses have similar questions and issues regarding the cloud.

With this in mind, we have put together a webinar that will answer all questions you have on the cloud, address your doubts and give you an opportunity to have a face-to-face with our cloud experts.
Nataly Samsoniuk
Dmitrii Sirant
Business Development Manager at OpsWorks Co.
CTO at OpsWorks Co.
As an AWS evangelist and a manager who's been supporting our clients for more than two years, Nataly will dwell on the following topics:
  • What AWS offers today
  • What types of businesses can benefit from AWS
  • What exact advantages each type of business may get
You will be able to address Nataly personally with your own question on how AWS can help you optimize your specific business.
As a Senior Cloud Architect, Dmitrii will help you understand the mechanism of AWS. There are several aspects Dmitrii will reveal in the upcoming webinar:

  • What are the most frequently used AWS services and tools
  • What tools will make your specific type of business more efficient
  • is it possible to reduce your business' operational expenses and how
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