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About the Project
OTP Bank Group is one of the largest independent financial service providers in Central and Eastern Europe offering a full range of banking services for private individuals and corporate clients. OTP Group comprises large subsidiaries, granting services in the field of insurance, real estate, factoring, leasing and asset management, investment and pension funds.

Goals of the Project

  • Build a solution for a scalable IT infrastructure
  • Create an opportunity for reserving
  • Reduce downtime
Since OTP operates in the banking field, we were faced with specific security measures that had to be upheld. To avoid any data breaches, we used tokens for access and two-factor authorisation. This eliminated the risk of breaking any security rules of banking systems.
After a profound infrastructure technical audit, we have developed a precise optimization plan. We described it carefully below. Check it out.
Kubernetes cluster setup
The solution for the OTP system is based on building a Kubernetes cluster on the client's servers. Kubernetes was installed to manage the load at any time and provide enough capacity for all bank users. It enabled the OTP IT infrastructure to scale automatically.

In fact, scaling wasn't the only goal. Kubernetes reserves the copies of the infrastructure for fast recovery on other servers in case of malfunctions. Therefore, downtime is greatly reduced thanks to this automatic reaction.

Simply put, if anything goes wrong that results in the inability of the bank to provide services through their website or app, Kubernetes rolls out the same infrastructure and sets it up on a different server in mere seconds.
Logging and Monitoring
The combination of Open Distro and Prometheus formed a proactive monitoring solution that helped the OTP team stay on top of any malicious events. We also developed a custom parser so that the client can get their logs in the format they need.
Audit of the cluster security
The OpsWorks Co. engineering team performed an audit to reinforce the security measures in the OTP IT infrastructure. The audit resulted in documented recommendations for additional security measures to be taken.
Project Results
During our collaboration, we have accomplished hundreds of tasks and consequently made significant changes to the OTP Bank Group infrastructure. The main improvements include:
Easily and automatically scalable infrastructure
Infrastructure reservation for quicker recovery
Reduced possibility for downtime
Enhanced cluster security
Technologies we use
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