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About the Project
MuscleFood is an e-commerce website based on Magento. They aim to provide customers with the best lean meats and supplements on the market.

Muscle food is an online-only healthy-food retailer selling vegan snacks, lean meat, and muscle supplements within the whole UK, targeted mainly to fitness lovers and even pros. The company helps people become more fit and healthy, and was awarded as the Specialist Online Retailer of the Year (2018).

Goals of the Project

Running a multifunctional website on a Magento platform requires conducting an in-depth audit and ensuring speed optimization. In 2018, the Muscle Food team reached out to us for DevOps support.
    Muscle Food had occasional issues with infrastructure but had no monitoring to identify the cause of the problem. It turned out that the 3rd party managed the infrastructure, and no-one had access to it.
    We built a new infrastructure using Infrastructure as Code approach with Terraform and Ansible. Migration was seamless and caused no downtime. For monitoring, we set up Prometheus, Grafana, and Alertmanager that gives the client full observability of the infrastructure and early notification of the occurring issues.
    As soon as we got access, we started providing DevOps support which included:

    • tight cooperation with the development team

    • infrastructure issues fixes

    • monitoring and logging

    • 24/7 DevOps team availability
    Project Results
    During our collaboration, we have accomplished hundreds of tasks and consequently made significant changes to the MuscleFood infrastructure. The main improvements include:
    Improved stability and security of the production systems through building, releasing and configuration management of production instances
    Reduced human errors in maintaining, troubleshooting the development processes
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    40% Cloud Cost Reduction
    Secure and stable infrastructure
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