15 December 2021

DevOps has been a highly anticipated goal for many organizations over the years. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, businesses of all kinds are rushing to enhance the velocity and quality of software development. CI/CD tools may be precisely the means for that. Companies recognized the need to improve their development workflow many years ago. […]

14 December 2021

So you’ve chosen Jenkins to ease and automate your work, but you’re having some issues with its performance. This is often the case if you don’t keep track of some essential things, such as Jenkins best practices, updates, plugins, and some useful tricks to make your work faster and more efficient.

09 December 2021

It has been more than six years since Google open-sourced Kubernetes, and to this day it has maintained its status as one of the top orchestration tools. How? This complete Kubernetes guide will answer a lot of questions: what business concerns does k8s solve, what components does it consist of, how to use Kubernetes, and, […]