Strengthening Leading Multinational Telecom Company with DevOps Expertise

Industry: Telecom
Service: Team Extension
Duration: Ongoing 7+ months

About Project
The client is a leading multinational enterprise telecommunications service provider, serving over 323M customers across 150 countries. With a global mission to connect for a better future, all groups within a company invest a lot of time and effort into software. Promoting unity and ensuring each group's solution remains an essential part of the bigger picture, the client supports a common cloud infrastructure and offers technical assistance managed by the specific internal team. Finding reinforcements for this team became a priority.


mobile customers




markets wide

Client's Goals
Maintain and improve existing infrastructure
Support company's groups with guidance and troubleshooting
Client's Challenges

Knowledge Transfer with Strict Deadline

Initially brought in to seamlessly continue the work of a retiring specialist, the team had just a three-week window for onboarding and knowledge transfer. Given the expert's two-decade history within the company, the task appeared quite challenging.

Specific Tech Needs

With over 35 years in the market and a recent shift towards the cloud, the client has a clear technology setup and specific requirements. Thinking of a team extension, they were searching for someone skilled in particular technologies and able to bring innovation and improvements to the table.

Larger-Scale Enterprise Collaboration

While acknowledging the importance of technical expertise, the client also valued soft skills. Especially since joining specialists must collaborate with people from different groups, teams, and various countries, ensuring their diverse needs are met for the overall success of the company.

OpsWorks Co. Solution

Knowledge and Approaches Take Over

With a well-executed plan and a swift transition to active work, the OpsWorks team managed to acquire knowledge from the retiring specialist within two weeks. Furthermore, we established collaboration with other experts, seamlessly integrating into the teamwork straight away.

Identifying Innovation and Bettering Opportunities

Joining the client's team as a System Architect and a Senior DevOps Engineer, OpsWorks smoothly became part of all the different directions, including Amazon Cloud, Kubernetes, and Automation, making all the tenants stronger. Our hands-on expertise and in-depth knowledge enabled us to identify gaps and innovation opportunities across all domains.

Comprehensive Team Support and Troubleshooting

Spending a few months within the client's team, OpsWorks experts covered dozens of requests for more than 100 teammates across different groups. Our contributions ranged from initial troubleshooting to offering consultation and knowledge sharing, solidifying our specialists' integral role within the client's team.

Results and Benefits
Swift team onboarding ensured seamless transition and minimal disruption
Wide OpsWorks specialists' expertise made them essential in all team divisions
In just a few months, the OpsWorks team managed to help 100+ teammates across different groups