About the Project

Doctors Network aims to improve the quality of healthcare services at a lower cost by eliminating middleman insurance companies. Doctors Network allows participating medical workers to provide medical services directly to uninsured and underinsured patients for a low monthly fee. DoctorsNetwork is committed to offering quality care at a discounted rate, without any annual cap on care, deductibles, or denied services.

Goals of the Project

Introduce AWS multi-account architecture with AWS EKS as the main component as a single platform for all current and future projects. As a side benefit, the client got a scalable, highly available, secure, and cost-effective solution which observes best practices.


Initially, the client had a single account for all environments (development, staging, and production) with almost no isolation between them. We had to introduce AWS Organisation and complete the setup for two separate accounts; one for development and staging and another for production workload. Despite using EC2 instances as a key service for the infrastructure, the client has been using Docker containers for his workload. This made completing migration into AWS EKS (managed Kubernetes service) easier. The only challenge was creating the CI/CD pipeline that would fulfil the client’s preferences for branching strategy and working towards a multi-account setup.

Why AWS?

Because the client had already been using AWS cloud to host applications, it was logical to update the setup. Keeping the same cloud provider made it easier for the client to make such a big jump from EC2-based infrastructure to Kubernetes.


There are many benefits to the client having this setup, such as CI/CD for zero-downtime deployment; auto scale-in and scale-out to cope with traffic; multi-az to have high availability; centralized logging, monitoring, and alerting; easy infrastructure maintenance described in code using Terraform; improved security with encryption at rest and in transit.

Next steps

We will be around to support the client with the migration of other sites and applications to the new infrastructure, as well as perform fine-tuning and cost optimisation.

Technologies we use