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Your online gaming/gambling platform has been doing great since you launched it on the market. Of course, there've ups and downs, but you finally found your groove. E-gaming got an immensely high potential to grow as now gamers do not need to own computers with high computing powers with the opportunities that cloud gaming provides.
2020. Most countries in the world go on a compulsory quarantine. Online services are blowing up with traffic loads. Your website is getting an ever-seen number of new visitors, but oops… they get bumped out of the game at the most interesting moment!
...however, there is a solution. Even two!
On-cloud migration
Hybrid cloud solution
If migration is not wanted, there is no need to move your whole infrastructure to the cloud to use its benefits. A lot of companies prefer to host their IT infrastructure on dedicated servers, and as soon as the extra traffic comes, it scales up to the cloud. It allows them not just to appreciate the benefits of the cloud, like maintenance cost cut and uptime increase.
Due to quarantine, E-gaming platforms that are still on shared hosting suffer website collapses due to high loads. Whether to optimize your costs or for security reasons, we help our customers to move their infrastructure from datacenter or on-premise to cloud and the opposite. We develop and implement a step-by-step migration plan with minimum risks and service breaks.
However, there is no need to migrate your whole infrastructure to the cloud to appreciate the autoscaling benefits. A lot of companies rely on hybrid cloud solutions: dedicated servers host their IT infrastructure, and as soon as the extra traffic comes, it scales up to the cloud.
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